HVAC Maintenance

Our maintenance programs are for one year and covers 2 services of your air conditioning and/or furnace and/or heat pump system with an additional discount of up to 23% on any repairs performed in addition to regular scheduled maintenance. (THESE ARE ASSURED DISCOUNTS AND ARE GUARANTEED AT THE LOWEST PRICES GIVEN).

Here is our checklist of items we inspect and service for your air conditioning and/or heating system:

Air Conditioning Service / Inspection:

  1. Inspect all wiring connections
  2. Check all voltage and amperage to all motors with meter.
  3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator
  4. Check refrigerator charge
  5. Lubricate motor, when necessary.
  6. Check belt and adjust tension.
  7. Install or wash your air filters as required (filters are additional)
  8. Check pressure switch cut-out settings
  9. Check condenser fan blade and motor
  10. Check starting contractor contacts
  11. Check compressor operation
  12. Check thermostat operation
  13. Check condensate pump operation
  14. Check for blocked condenser coil. Wash/ clean when necessary.

Heating Service / Inspection:

  1. Check fan controls
  2. Check thermostat operation
  3. Check and adjust fan belt (replace if necessary)
  4. Check operation; inspect all motors and pumps
  5. Check and lubricate blower motor, when necessary
  6. Install air filter and replace if necessary (filters are additional)
  7. Check all wiring connections
  8. Check gas burners /electric elements
  9. Inspect heat relays and sequencers
  10. Check amps of electric heat elements
  11. Check refrigerant pressure (heat pumps)
  12. Check reversing valve operation (heat pumps)